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Walk through any town centre in Ireland and you’ll probably see a variety of 6, 48 and 96 sheet posters. When you really want to go large and loud with your advertising, check out our attention-grabbing outdoor posters. Outdoor advertising is extremely cost effective. It enjoys the lowest cost per thousand people who’ll see your message. With these statistics you’re sure to make a huge impact on large numbers of potential customers.

There is no minimum print run requirement so you can print as many or few as you need. Our large format presses produce perfect images for outdoor viewing and our posters come on 130gsm blue-black paper or 150gsm outdoor poster paper. These industry standard outdoor papers are water-resistant, strong, and adhere well to base surfaces; ideal for Irish weather. The paper used is designed for pasting on outdoor displays and billboards. It’s crack resistant, won’t flake and has minimal tearing, making it perfect for outdoor advertising.  

You’ll be amazed at just how little you’ll pay for 6, 48 and 96 sheet posters and our new lower prices make it even easier to get your outdoor advertising campaign up and running. It’s easy to upload your artwork online.

Click for an instant quote today and see what outdoor advertising can do for your business.

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130gsm Blueback
Blueback is resistant to water, tearing, cracking and flaking. Our biggest seller for 48 sheet posters, Blueback is easy to fold and use, while completely obscuring images underneath it.

150gsm Outdoor Poster Paper
If Blueback is not suitable we’ll print on 150gsm white backed outdoor poster paper. This paper is extremely resilient, strong and water-resistant. 

Poster sizes are 6 sheet (1,200mm x 1800mm) 48 sheet (6,096mm x 2975mm) and 96 sheet (12,192mm x 2,975mm).  Paper weight is 130gsm & 150 gsm.  

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