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Outdoor posters are a fantastic way to give your business some serious exposure. You can produce an attention-grabbing outdoor campaign with our posters to advertise on billboards, bus or rail media, hoardings, walls, sports media and much, much more.  

We offer 11 standard sizes, from 6 sheet Adshels up to 48 or 96 sheet billboard advertising. Our superb digital printing process produces images and graphics that are perfect for large format advertising.  All outdoor posters are printed on high quality, industry standard water resistant material, so they’re perfect for our unique Irish weather. Also there’s no minimum print run, so your outdoor campaign can be as small or large as you need.

Outdoor posters come on 130gsm blue-black paper or 150gsm outdoor poster paper.  These industry standard outdoor poster papers are water-resistant, strong, and stick well in any weather. They’re crack resistant and have minimal tearing, making them perfect for outdoor advertising. The paper used is ideal for pasting up onto advertising medium or for display behind Perspex.  However if you want other waterproof materials for use outdoors, then why not try our vinyl PVC banners.

You really can’t choose a better partner for your outdoor posters than Trade Digital Print. Our top quality digital printing process ensures perfect quality for large – or very large format. You’ll be surprised how little a campaign can cost so get in touch with the team at TradeDigitalPrint.ie today.

Please note: Outdoor posters are intended for distance viewing only, as images may appear jagged at close range.

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130gsm Blueback
Blueback is water-resistant, light and resists tearing, cracking and flaking. Our biggest seller for 48 sheet posters, Blueback is easy to fold and use, while completely obscuring images underneath it. 

150gsm Outdoor Poster Paper
If Blueback is not suitable we’ll print on 150gsm white backed outdoor poster paper. This paper is extremely resilient, strong and water-resistant.

Flat Size
Our outdoor signage includes 11 standard sizes – including 6 sheet Adshels, 48 or 96 sheet options for billboards - you can be sure that we have what you need.

- A2
- A1
- A0
- 500mm x 700mm
- 700mm x 1000mm
- 20 x 30 inches
- 30 x 40 inches  

- 60 x 40 inches  
- 6 sheet  
- 48 sheet
- 96 sheet 


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